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CALEB 1 Year Old. A cake smash and a bath.

I was so looking forward to this 1 year old celebration and cake smash with Caleb. This little lad is a proper little lads, lad. A little gadgie, he didn't mind getting dirty and would quite happily eat his bodyweight in Chocolate Cake. We only had the standard sized chocolate cake not the full bodyweight cake. The anticipation was high as we laid the cake out ready for the carnage, expecting this chocolate cake to be crushed in minutes followed by a chocolate covered child running around with parents running for cover or get covered with chocolate.

Well surprise, surprise Caleb wasn't too sure of the cake much to everyones surprise. Whatever could be wrong? I continued to roll off the shots, encouraging him and hoping that it would be okay and all of a sudden, Caleb would leap to life.

No such luck, little Caleb burst into tears, because a tiny soupçon of cake got on his toe. A little bit consoling and he settled down and we tried again.

He seemed to be going well, climbed on the cake, stepped in it and even tasted some. However we felt that all was not well with Caleb and this was just a little lull, he just wasn't himself? Was there more tears on the way or would he dive headlong into the cake?

Yeah it was starting to get a little bit messy and some of the cake was actually getting eaten. Would it be plain sailing from now after a shaky start? Someone once said, never work with children and animals, this was actually a fun shoot as Caleb is such a happy and joyous little guy, so full of life and mischief.

Sad, happy, sad and this was the theme of the day, Caleb's, Mam & Dad said he was very tired. This would explain everything, when he was in happy mode, he was very happy. When he was sad he was very sad.

Just look at those cheeks full of cake. Then his Aunty appeared and happiness washed over him it might also have been his nice bath coming in.

Once he got started splashing about he was having the time of his life. There was soapy bubbles going everywhere, what more fun can you have in a bath.. Caleb even ate wet cake in the batch.

There was so much water getting splashed about, you can even see it all over the backdrop above. Did Caleb care? Not one bit.

It got me thinking should we have the bath first, then the cake smash but there is a few flaws with that as we would have had to do two baths, one before and one after.

The sheer joy was unmissable and ended up having the time of his life. Yes it was a slow start and there was a few tears along the way. But the end product was a fun shoot and a happy little boy. Mam got him all dried off and into his car seat. All this cake smashing and bathing is exhausting work. It didn't take long before the heavy eyes took over and Caleb was asleep within minutes, below, going, going, gone. I hope you had as much fun as we did taking the photos, it certainly looked like it.

Many thanks to Caleb, Mam & Dad for a wonderful day.

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