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Client requested that the photo was tidied up, remove scratches, creases and minor blemishes. Cropped as required, and original black and white colour restored.

Client Response.
'This is a photograph of my Father that you have restored just as I imagined it from when I saw it as a child. Thank you so much'
Soldier copy.jpg


Client brought a photograph of her stepfather not expecting any miracles as it was in very poor condition. This was the only photo that her Mother had in her possession. She had asked if I could possibly repair this in any way. This was a very challenging edit, but we got there eventually. 

Client Response.

'Wow John, that is incredible, my Mam will love it. Thank you so much'

I was presented this photograph of a Client's Grandmother as a baby. She was looking for a full restoration, removal of cracks and creases. Contrast and colour restored. This has been my most challenging restoration to date.

Client Response.

'That is absolutely amazing. I am over the moon with the difference you have made to this photograph. I didn't think it would be repairable.'

Group Photo.jpg

Social Gathering.

This photograph arrived in dreadful condition, this was an old capture of my client's Mother & Father on the left. Was there anything I could do to restore this to something she could put in a frame. This photo was very soft in focus so there was only so much recovery I could do. The finished article turned out better than I expected. 

Client Response.

'I can't stop looking at my Mam & Dad, they are so clear. It brought a tear to my eye. I absolutely love what you have done'

Social Gathering & Crop.

This photograph was brought in by a client who had initially tried getting it restored and cropped from a supermarket, photography department, the outcome was very poor. This photograph was badly damaged and had ink writing across it. On the positive side her Grandmother & Grandfather who she wanted a cropped photograph of were quite sharp. There were several challenges with this photo but these were overcome to produce an image that my client was very pleased with.

Group & Crop.jpg
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