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A watercolour conversion of a clients dog who had passed away. She only had low resolution images that she had taken on her camera phone. We managed to put a conversion together which was put on a matte finish canvas.



This handsome lad was photographed by me while the bride was getting ready. He is immortalised on a stunning matte canvas as a watercolour conversion.

Karens Dogs.jpg

Charlie & P.

Another two low resolution photographs of Charlie & P that we have converted to watercolour type photograph. The image can come from a camera or a camera phone, as long as the details of the subject are on the photo we can convert to a watercolour. These are conversions of a photograph and not painted watercolours. They look best if they are printed on a matte finish canvas.


The gorgeous and very shy Roxy converted to a watercolour for a client who is getting a canvas print made for a Christmas surprise to a family member.

Meg & Mo.jpg

Meg & Mo.

Stunning and overly friendly pair of English Staffordshire Bull Terriers called Meg and Mo. This pair will give you a serious licking if you stay still for long enough.

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